Tipsy is a simple tip calculator for iOS that I designed and developed. I built this app as part of the application to get into the iOS for Designers bootcamp hosted by CodePath. The app is written in Swift and is available for download on the App Store.

In addition to building this app to learn iOS development, the app was also created to help solve the problem of calculating restaurant bills when split with multiple friends. The app provides quick selections for tip percentages and allows the user to divide the total amongst the number of people in the party.


Tipsy featured in the App Store (Singapore)


Tipsy was featured on the iTunes App Store in several countries at launch:

  • #2 in Finance > New Releases (Singapore)
  • #11 in Finance > New Releases (Argentina)
  • #12 in Finance > iPhone (China)
  • #12 in Finance > Free (Brazil)
  • #18 in Finance (Russia)


March 2015

Design & Development (Swift)