Grub Snapper


Grub Snapper is an invite-only community for food bloggers and food lovers to share and discover delicious recipes.

It is a platform that helps food bloggers connect with their audience and is a delightful and engaging experience for food lovers and home cooks to discover and curate recipes from their favorite food bloggers. 

As Founder and Principal Designer of Grub Snapper, I was responsible for the entire product including Design, User Research, Front End Development, Product Management, and Marketing efforts. Before bringing the product to market, I built several rough prototypes and conducted usability tests to refine interactions and gather feedback about the product. 

I landed on a grid and card design in order to keep focus on the content and contributors. Authenticated users have additional actions on hover to help them more efficiently curate recipes and interact with other users. 


Grub Snapper was successfully launched to hundreds of active users, who have since contributed upwards of 2,000 posts, and is still under active design & development in my spare time.


Grub Snapper

2011 - Present

Founder, Design, Front End Development